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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.


​Principal​Mdlle. Thomas
​Vice-Principal​Mr. Bax


Administrative Specialists

​Mrs. Savery, Mrs. Roseblade,



​Mrs. Canning, Mr. Brown, Mr. Bakker

 Classroom Teachers

​Ms. MorrowMrs. WhiteMrs. Downham
Mrs. Croteau, Ms. Ruscica Mrs. O'ConnellMrs. MacAskill​Mlle. Miskimmon
Miss Joseph, Miss Figueiredo Mrs. DavisMr. TaylorMlle. Quinto
Mr. Ma, Mrs. Webb​Mrs. HoehnMme. VyseMr. Weller
Ms. Guthrie, Miss DayMrs. MacLennanM. ReynoldsMiss Watts
Mrs. ThompsonMlle. Winning​Mlle Potter
Mrs. Quinn​​Mme. Dart Shaw
                                                                   ​​Mme. Morton


Core French

​Mme. Bettencourt,


Educational Assistants

​Mrs. Speirs,  Ms. Byron, Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Raymond



Mr. Harris

Planning Time

Mrs. Robbins, Mrs. Dermott,  Mrs. Hilmer, Ms.​ Barrowman,


 Special Education

 Mrs. Waller, Mrs. Hambrook