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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.


​Principal​Mrs. Barrie
​Vice-Principal​Mrs. Henderson


Administrative Specialists

​Mrs. Savery, Mrs. Roseblade, Mrs. Wilson



​Mrs. Canning, Mr. Brown

 Classroom Teachers

Mrs. Parefeniuk
Mrs. White
Mrs. Downham
Mrs. Gunson, Ms. Ruscica
Mrs. Kelman
Mrs. O'ConnellMr. Taylor
Mrs Corry, Ms. Bellissimo
Mrs. DavisMrs. Dermott
Mme. Borysiak
Mr. Ma, Mrs. Webb​Mrs. Gerrior
Mrs. Hales
Mme. Miskimmon
Ms. Watson, Miss DayMrs. MacLennanMr. Reynolds
Mme. Dart Shaw
Ms. Barrowman
Mme. McLean
​Mlle. Tosh
Mrs. Therrien
​​Mlle. Counter
​Mrs. Hilmer
                                                                   ​​Mr. Dunlop


Core French

​Mme. Bettencourt


Educational Assistants

​Ms. Byron, Mrs.Smerdon, Mrs. Bowers, Ms. Roters 



Mr. Harris

Planning Time

Mrs. Robbins, Mrs.MacAskill, Miss Williams, Mme. McDonald, Mlle Fortin, Ms. Shaw, Ms. Stass, Ms. Grasmeyer


 Special Education

 Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Hambrook, Miss Williams