Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students' interests in mind.

2023-2024 Ardagh Bluffs Classes & Staff

Principal J. Robinson
Vice Principal W. Kirwan
Senior Admin Support T. Magee
Clerk Steno L. Bradley
D. Briede
JK / SK M. Bevan & T. Honka
JK / SK E. Corry & K. Graham
JK / SK K. Ma & S. Ruscica
JK / SK K. Kiernan & A. Webb
SK / Grade 1 T. Quach
Grade 1 V. Morrow-Conroy
Grade 1 N. Francoeur
Grade 2 K. Barrowman
Grade 2 A. MacLennan
Grade 3 C. Brandsma
Grade 3 B. Logan
Grade 3 L. Mihan 
Grade 4 N. White
Grade 4 C. Murray
Grade 4/5 C. Myers
Grade 5 A. Morrison
Grade 5/6 T. Kearney
Grade 6 T. Hales
Grade 6 F. Beribakovski
Grade 6/7 A. Manchisi
Grade 7 J. Shaw
Grade 7/8 J. Waller
Grade 8 N. Jadoonanan
Grade 8 J. Taylor
French Immersion  
   Grade 5 T. Clement
   Grade 6 A. McLean
   Grade 6/7 A. Dart Shaw
   Grade 7/8 M. Borysiak
   Grade 8 D. Miskimmon
Learning Centre B. Kennedy
SERT B. Kennedy
K. Hambrook
S. Williams
C. Laplante
Library K. Thompson
French E. Bettencourt
M. Dumont
Music E. MacAskill
R. Tilling
Planning Time S. Robbins
E. MacAskill
R. Tilling
C. Taylor
Educational Assistants S. Bowers
G. Byron
M. Imrie
A. Lima
K. Smerdon
C. Basile
Custodians P. Graham
P. Ornsby
P. Woyce